The main program consists of three audio MP3 tracks. These audio tracks are created using brainwave-synchronization technology audio that speaks directly to your subconscious, to help you eliminate limiting beliefs.

Are These Mental Barriers Getting
Between You and Your Goals?

People often have so many unfulfilled dreams and goals they wish might have achieved. Are you one of them? First of all, never feel that it's too late to reach your goals. Second, in order to realize your goals, you need to figure out what's stopping you.


Those who are very insecure rarely begin anything, because they always think that they'll fail. They feel defeated even before they begin. Old traumas can impede their self-confidence and hold them back. If you're feeling insecure, look for a mentor that has had success reaching the goal you want to attain, and ask them what they did to overcome their fears. Building on what they've done to get their fears under control can help you learn how to conquer yours.

Feeling Overwhelmed

Sometimes life gets so complicated and busy that mere existence feels too hard, let alone adding more goals into the mix. Rather than following through, people stand still. A task can appear to be just too large to even start. Begin by organizing the task into tiny, manageable chunks. For example, would you like to downsize your home? Try removing just one item in your home every single day. In four weeks you've removed thirty things. Keep this up for a few months and you will have reached that goal in no time.


Individuals who concentrate on fantasizing, instead of doing, can suffer very negative effects in their lives, including putting off goals. Living in a fantasy is a waste of the life you should, and could, be living. Help to combat lazy inaction by listing each goal that you think you can reasonably accomplish, and next to each goal write a minimum of one thing you will do that week to help you reach those goals.


Many have trouble recovering from deep emotional pain, such as abuse, divorce, death, or some other traumatic event in life. This pain can be paralyzing. They often quit and remain victims, not learning to heal so that they can move forward and reach their goals in life. It's a mistaken belief that time heals all wounds, it is rarely that simple. If you've been holding on to your trauma for many years and don't know how to let go, seeing a therapist or participating in group therapy can help you to heal, and get on with your life goals.


Have you got lots of great ideas that just never seem to happen? Maybe you are the one who always has wonderful advice for your friends on how to reach their goals that you simply never apply yourself? Likely you know what you need to do to start working towards your goals, you just keep putting it off. But, nobody else can attain those goals for you. You must stop procrastinating if you are ever going to move forward. Start by taking just one step, and keep following through little by little.

There are a lot of things that can put up a wall between you and your goals, but with a few small changes and time, you can accomplish things that you never thought you would!

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