How it works

Apart from using NLP and hypnotherapy principles, 15 Minute Manifestation makes use of "brainwave synchronization" technology, where both sides of your brain work together, instead of working against each other. It uses the brain's capacity to naturally synchronize its brainwave frequencies with the rhythm of an external stimuli.

What is Brainwave Entrainment and How Does It Work?

The brain is more powerful than any computer known to man and capable of complex and detailed processes that are almost impossible to fathom. The ability to influence your mind can impact your thoughts, emotions, concentration, and even dreams.

Brainwave entrainment is precisely that - the ability to alter your brain to happiness, focus, creativity, and other conditions. It's something that sounds an awful lot like magic but is nothing more than science and technology.

Brainwave entrainment involves tuning the brain into specific frequencies. The most common form of this is called binaural beats. To do this, you'll have to plug in your headphones and play different frequencies in each ear. Your brain will tune to a frequency equal to the difference between the two frequencies it hears. In other words, it follows the sounds it picks up. Think of it like adjusting the settings of a thermostat or changing a television channel. You can tune it to receive the result you want.

You can use this practice in almost every situation.

Want to concentrate more at work? Relieve stress and stop overthinking? Get a good night's sleep? Boost your creative mind? There's a brainwave frequency for that. Why wouldn't there be? The brain is your body's most potent tool and unlocking its full potential will have extraordinary benefits in your life.

This technique can help activate the brain's five different brainwaves, each of which promotes different qualities.

Gamma waves (40+ Hz) help supports mental activity such as problem-solving and awareness.

Beta waves (13-39 Hz) make the brain active and stimulate concentration and cognition.

Alpha waves (7-13 Hz) help the mind become calm, yet keep it alert.

Theta waves (4-7 Hz) and Delta waves (0.5 - 4 Hz) both help you relax and sleep. Theta waves can help with REM sleep and deep meditation, while Delta waves may aid dreamless sleep.

The best part is that it's completely free and easy to do. Merely have a pair of headphones and listen to a binaural beats program. By itself, a brainwave entrainment program sounds like low humming, so most people prefer to blend the noise with calming music.

A systemic review of twenty studies concluded that brainwave entrainment interventions were useful in treating conditions such as pain, headaches, stress, and behavior problems.

This sort of technique has been used since the early days of science. The ancient Greeks used to shine sunlight through a spinning wheel to put subjects into altered states of mind. Scientists in the 1970s used strobe lights and audio beats to influence people's brain states.

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