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Regenetics: Part 2: What is Internal Intent?

Most of us probably don’t remember grade 5 biology, where we were taught about deoxyribonucleic acid. But in simple layman’s terms, DNA is what establishes how your genes are going to function. How those genes express themselves is determined by the instructions they receive from your DNA, and those instructions can be controlled to a great extent by your capacity to control your thoughts; your internal intention to make something happen a certain way.

The 21st century has proven to be a minefield of exploding ideas about the potential of the human body. We now know that every part of the body has the capability of growing new cells to replace the old ones that die as a normal part of life or due to certain external forces.

In several studies1 in the field of regenerative medicine, researchers have shown that injured tissue can be restored by reactivating existing stem cells rather than transplanting new ones, proof that the body has the integral knowledge to heal itself.

When you cut your finger or scrape your knee, the body immediately joins forces to bring healing to the location of the wound. The wounded area is made of cells just like every other part of us, but if those particular cells continue to be bombarded with dirt, bacteria or even pulling the scab off, the body cannot heal itself effectively. In this simple example, you can see how the body can heal itself but also how we can prevent it from healing.

Can we instruct our DNA to talk to genes differently?

Each generation passes on the encoded and externally input information that affects their physical condition in an intricate and multifaceted interface between genes, the environment and internal intent.

But what if we, as individuals, could consciously learn to copy epigenetic processes and control our own genes? What if we could tell them how to behave by thinking in the correct way or speaking the right words?

Genes are not static arrangements of molecules. Many of the aberrant conditions we’re seeing today are the result of external inputs, not coded into our DNA. It’s therefore reasonable to assume that what has been created can be uncreated or recreated.

Learning to achieve the right state of mind to successfully perform self-healing or re-instruct cell expression in any way requires dedication, patience and persistence. The information we need is already deep within us, within our DNA memory, but creating the proper setting is a critical component for doing this. In order for it to work, our environment must be filled with love, positive energy, optimism, and focused intention. This is where you will begin the entire mental process of recoding the information sent to your genes.

DNA contains measurable energy that fluctuates and naturally fluoresces.2,3 In other words it gives off light, and light contains energy. Our thoughts can become “plugged in” to those molecules by intentionally sending specific messages to them. We should expect a connection with bioenergetic results, just like an electrical current, because the mind acts as a frequency modulator between intention and physiology.4 The information sent along the frequency holds the intention and manifests as shifts in electrical properties. This is how intentions bring about actual physiological changes.

Practice your focused meditation every day. Before you do so, decide what your intention for that session is going to be, then simply make that your most focused thought.

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