The main program consists of three audio MP3 tracks. These audio tracks are created using brainwave-synchronization technology audio that speaks directly to your subconscious, to help you eliminate limiting beliefs.

Your Observer Created World: Nothing Exists Outside this Moment

Thought is an evolutionary process, so your personal history can be viewed as being fluid because your perception of it can be changed.

Every thought pattern you are currently subjecting yourself to is the result of the emotion you attached to an event when it occurred, and that emotion is what caused it to stay with you.

“The logic of the emotional mind is associative; it takes elements that symbolize a reality or trigger a memory of it to be the same as that reality. If the emotional mind follows this logic, things need not necessarily be defined by their objective identity; what matters is how they are perceived.” (Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence)

Once you’re aware of your thoughts, you can essentially 'sit back' and see where you're going and where you’ve been. You can observe your world with detachment, replace unworthy repeating thought patterns created by past experiences and change your perception of your reality.

The shifting states of consciousness that once governed you will now be shifted by you as you consciously take on the chosen characteristics of your awareness. By your own observations and development of thought, your world will become observer created.

What do you really know about yourself?

We all start out as babies and grow into the lifestyles of our parents because we’re dependent on them, after which, at the age of majority, we have become slaves, more or less, to the system of beliefs which surrounded us for eighteen years or so.

But the possibilities for creation are endless and available to us when we stop living from the context of our upbringing, our parents’ views, our ancestors, our social groups, and our sense of victimization.

As you go through your focused meditations, take a look at events in your past. Remember how you felt when they occurred and why you felt that way. Think about what it took to get that award or make that speech, how you felt when you were selected for the drama club or the baseball team, how you felt when you carved your name in your mother’s dressing table and she screamed at you, how you felt when you were laughed at for fumbling the ball or forgetting your lines in the class play or were rejected by a lover.

Perception is bound within the time frame of its occurrence.

If you take a look at your most memorable events, whether positive or negative, you’ll discover the source of both your power and your fear locked in your perception of those moments. Looking with new eyes at the experiences that shaped you will shine a brilliant light on the person you are today, and making course corrections using this new filter will create a new reality, thereby shaping what you will ultimately become.

Your point of power will then come from your changed perception. Every thought has only the meaning you give it, so incidents that once negatively informed your reactions to life will now be positively created by you.

What you need to do is simply say “What has happened in the past happened [because of this reason]. Now I want the main influence in my life to go [in this direction], a direction of my own choosing.” It will start you on the path to changing your perception of why things happened as they did and how they can no longer inform your actions or reactions. Strengthened into a cultivated practice through meditation, this will help you reach inner and outer fulfilment.

“What is revealed will be unique to your own experience, and your wisdom for living masterfully will lead you to the profound realization that you are no longer the pathfinder, but the path.” (E. Lee Caleca)

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