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How to Have a More Peaceful Life
by Not Responding to Negativity

Much of the stress you face each day stems from needless negativity. You can't avoid negative people and events because you only have control of yourself rather than what goes on outside of you. Sometimes, though, you can deal with the negativity you meet by not responding. Here's why doing so is a good idea and how to achieve your aim.

Why too much negativity is harmful

Recognizing times when you can improve negative situations is useful. Too much pessimism without helpful change, however, will make you blue. Prolonged negative conversations put you in fight-or-flight mode and leave you anxious, and stress results in poor health and reduced happiness.

Negativity you can ignore

You wouldn't want to ignore negative events that need your attention--when someone's in distress for example. There are plenty of occasions when you need not react, however.

Negative banter

Friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors might encourage you to develop a negative mindset to match their own. You are likely to join in when they complain about life as a show of camaraderie unless you recognize you have a choice.

When people moan, but do nothing to improve situations they dislike, change the subject or make a polite excuse to leave. They will soon understand you aren't interested in hearing them grumble and stop inviting you to whine with them.

Then again, you might inadvertently initiate negative discussions sometimes. Studies show when individuals routinely complain they develop neural networks in their brain to accommodate the habit. Altering your mindset will take time as you gradually cultivate new supportive neural pathways.

If you catch yourself talking negatively, change tack. Look for positive qualities relating to the discussion or switch to another topic. Eventually, you'll stop speaking about negative topics on autopilot.

Depressing news

Many people who want to retain an optimistic state of mind stop watching the news on the TV or listening to news updates on the radio. They also avoid viewing the news online. Like them, you could steer clear of broadcasts.

Alternatively, you might like to know what's happening in the world and prefer to cut news consumption to once a day.

Stop responding to negativity and your life will be more peaceful. You'll meet less stress and gradually rewire your brain to house greater positivity. You might also have a healthy impact on people around you since you will no longer support their habit of creating a stressful atmosphere.

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