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Beyond Religion: The Nature of Our Next Evolution

Uncompromised faith is something with which many people struggle. We’re all plagued at one time or another with sins of the spirit that keep us from our potential and drag us through life with shame, hatred or depression.

The world’s religions have played a major role in forming humankind’s opinions about everything from what we eat to how we treat ourselves and others. But taking a look beyond reason and religion, taking a step that breaks all religious rules, we find we are in fact spirit itself, without governorship except that which we define within our own souls, the dynamics of which are completely within our control; where space and time are rather irrelevant and the entire purpose of existence is the soul’s evolution.

People around the world, from all backgrounds, cultures, and countries, believe there is more that governs life than the mere physicality we see around us. Some believe the doorway to freedom lies in our experiences and the way we choose to use them, while others believe in deeper consciousness, where we must pilot our way, traversing our own wisdom and the wisdom of our personal ancestors until we come to enlightenment of a sort that we can apply to this life.

Humans, after complex evolutionary steps, are now in the next phase, perhaps the final phase: that of recognizing God directly. This is a level of self-awareness or consciousness that gives us the sense of knowing God in ourselves, experiencing what God, the “experiencer”, sees.

But evolutionary enlightenment relies on the intuition of the spirit.

The nature of the next evolution of our species is within our direct control if we maintain a proper perspective of our cosmic connection with the origin of our consciousness.

If you’re looking for a new way of seeing the universe and how humans “fit in”, consider that all human beings are God or a part of the mind of God—part of the whole now separated but not separate.

If you’re interested in growing the trinity of mind, body, and spirit into a greater connection to your source, look at how the universe continues to work with us and how we can channel its energy to make our lives better.

  • Ground yourself and break through blockages (doubts, fears, shortcomings, and human failings) that are keeping you from your purpose
  • Get in touch with your inner wisdom and focus on your strengths intuitionally rather than intellectually.

Real life people with honest human experiences, in situations we can all relate to, show us a world in which faith and belief in our own inner power, viewed through the proper lens, is there for all of us to experience.

Eastern Philosophy and the Distinction of Context

The concept of transformation from the physical to the Divine—living through transcendence rather than change—expands on traditional Eastern philosophy regarding the process of enlightenment, giving it a concrete form in our minds rather than an esoteric understanding.

It illuminates the necessity of:

  • recognition and distinction of context and its relevance to world views
  • shifting states of consciousness
  • recognizing how the mind takes on the attributes of that of which we are aware, with our reality becoming observer created.

There are endless possibilities for what is, for seeing, knowing, and being.

The messages we receive as we go through our busy lives come from many sources, but not many people pay close attention to the messages that come from intuition or spirit. Instead, we tend to ‘read into’ what we hear and see, justifying things to fit our needs, our world view, and our experience.

We use our eyes and ears but not our soul to see and hear.

Like any endeavour, if we are to excel at it, we must first go through preparedness and learn to master the idiosyncrasies of the path we choose. And it can be a path where nothing is as it seems on the surface.

Learn to trust that which is unexplainable, not defined by the parameters of our usual course of living. There’s much more to living than just the passage of time.

If you long to feel the vastness of spiritual awakening and the timeless freedom of the evolving cosmos, if you feel compelled toward the enormous responsibility of aligning with your destiny, if you can imagine discovering how to consciously and creatively participate in the expression that is continually on the edge of evolution, or if you feel a profound alignment with a superior presence, a higher consciousness, will, and vibration, then you’re awakening to the transformative Divine, the path to being the change, and to the potential that is evolving in you.

This is not a path of intellectual discussion but one of practice; it’s not about emptiness versus form but about tapping into the highest frequency known to man – that of Divine creative expression coming through you.

Here you will know you are eternally universally supported as you respond to your impulses to emerge. What is revealed to you will be unique to your own experience, and your wisdom for living masterfully will lead you to the profound realization that you are no longer the pathfinder, but the path.

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