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Energy Medicine: Part 1: Wellness Beyond the Mechanics of Biology

The vision of the body as an energetic network and of the mind as a factor in body energetics is a key concept in Chinese medicine, but it’s not as alien to Westerners as one might think. Without specifically speaking of yin and yang and the network of channels through which qi moves, modern science is adapting an understanding of body and self that has been at the root of Chinese traditional practices for millennia.

Energy—energetic information fields—are significant controlling factors in health, and today’s scientists have discovered what ancient ascetics discovered thousands of years ago—that wellness extends well beyond the mechanics of biology.

From the perspective of energy psychology, it becomes clear just to what degree Chinese healing exercises work with the underlying energy patterns of the body, above and beyond limbering up muscles and opening joints.

Bioenergetic health care is no longer just a quietly emerging area of scientific study. And it cannot be dismissed as non-medical. It’s being studied by biophysicists, cellular biologists, MDs, and researchers at some of the world's leading medical schools in the following subcategories:

  • Energy healing - focuses on human energy fields for healing
  • Placebos - substances containing no medication, prescribed to reinforce a patient's expectation of getting well or as a control in a clinical research trial to determine the effectiveness of a drug
  • Intention experiments – using your thoughts to change yourself
  • Heart coherence – energy cardiology, essential for synchronization of all your other physiologies.
  • Informational medicine - non-invasive method using physical and non-physical energy to deliver information to your cells to help them regain their natural equilibrium and optimal function
  • Neuro-linguistic programming – seeks healing through self-awareness

And researchers are trying to explain in scientific terms the meaning and causality behind the concepts presented in Daoyin, the ancient Chinese mind-body exercises.

  • How we know the mind is an energetic field.
  • Why physics principles don't fit the current biological model of health.
  • Why we still don't know exactly how cells communicate with each other.
  • How your beliefs affect healing and promote immunity.
  • The placebo effect on human biology.
  • The effect of emotions on physiology.
  • How biophotons can control metabolism.

Is this kind of 'miraculous healing' the medical wave of the future?

As science verifies energetic patterns with modern technology and precise measurements, it helps translate the ancient systems into a contemporary understanding of Daoyin principals and the effects of neigong, chakra healing, and proper breathing on wellness.

The most important new concepts emerging from this research are measurable biomagnetic fields and bioelectricity. Biomagnetic fields are human energy centers that vibrate at different frequencies, storing and giving off energies. Their energetic output or vibrations can be measured, and it has been shown that the heart and the brain continuously pulse at extremely low frequencies (ELF). It has also become clear through controlled measurements that biomagnetic fields are unbounded. They vibrate beyond the body and extend infinitely into space, verifying the Chinese conviction that people and the universe interact continuously on an energetic level.

The body as a living matrix is simultaneously a mechanical, vibrational, energetic, electronic, photonic, and informational network. It consists of a complex linked pattern of pathways.

So the ‘concept’ as set forth by the original ancient Daoyin text is now being accepted by energy medicine science, which is proving that the transmembrane linking molecules have no boundaries but are intricately interconnected, and, when activated, make contact with all parts of the body through the matrix web-work.

By manipulating the channels through which qi reaches and flows through the network of molecules and energetic fields, as now proven by science, we can effectively change our health and potentially reach perfection.

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