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Energy Medicine Part 2: Mind-Body Interventions

The emerging trend toward energy medicine is a modern field that helps our understanding of how the mind and body are interconnected. Recent research in biology, physiology, and physics has opened up many new ways of looking at body functions, healing and general well-being.

These branches of science are beginning to create a language that will eventually allow Western science to integrate Chinese concepts, demystify the phenomenon and experiences of qi, and make Asian perspectives more widely accessible to the general Western public.

Bioelectricity – qi - manifests in energy currents that crisscross the human body and are similar to the meridians of acupuncture. They are separate from the nervous system and, in evolutionary terms, more ancient. They work through a complex net of connective tissue known as the living matrix.

From the perspective of quantum physics, the body is constantly vibrating and forms part of a universal pattern.

From this view, the mind is essentially the same as the body. There is no separation of consciousness from physical existence, as the ancient Chinese knew. Both are energy fields; they just vibrate at different speeds:

  • 1022 Hz for the atomic nucleus,
  • 1015 for the atom itself,
  • 109 for molecules, and
  • 103 for cells.

Since the human bioelectric system is dynamic and evolving, the following techniques are great tools to activate and balance the body’s energy centers.

1. Biophoton Stimulation

Your body actually emits light on a daily basis in concentrations that rise and fall with the rhythmic fluctuations of your metabolism over the course of the day.

Because light is such an integral part of bodily processes, biophoton therapies are emerging that involve stimulating the body with specific quantities of light to reduce pain and promote healing processes. One way you can get them is through food.

The highly ordered (Coherent) photons of light found in all living organisms have been found to be extreme in foods grown in the wild, which are twice as Coherent as organically grown foods and 10 times that of conventionally grown foods.

The more light a food is able to store, the more nutritious it is. The greater your store of light energy from healthy raw foods, the greater the power of your overall electromagnetic field, and consequently more energy is available for healing and maintenance of optimal health.

The sooner foods are consumed after harvest the higher the Coherency.

2. Bright Light Therapy and Dawn Simulation

There is an ever-increasing tendency in modern society to stay indoors. In some areas of the world, the sun does not appear high enough to have any great beneficial effect on living organisms, including humans. And when we don’t receive sunlight, there are neurophysiological consequences.

  • Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a form of depression caused by lack of sunlight during winter months, may also manifest as anxiety, brain fog, cognitive impairment, appetite changes, fatigue, food cravings, low libido, nausea, and weight changes.
  • Brain wave changes that take place compromise delta waves, limiting the ability to enter deep sleep.
  • Neuro-hormonal changes effect beta waves or daytime brain waves, and are exacerbated by slower activity in the theta and alpha ranges.
  • Natural circadian rhythms are disrupted and can result in suboptimal production of various hormones and neurotransmitters.
  • Individuals not getting enough sunlight may end up with high melatonin during the day making them feel constantly drowsy.
  • Lack of sunlight limits vitamin D production, impairing many bodily functions.

Bright light therapy is known to help correct circadian rhythm disruptions and has proven to be an effective intervention for seasonal affective disorder. Light therapy uses a light box formatted to emit significantly more lumens than standardized lights.

For best results, utilize either a full-spectrum bright “white” light (10,000 lux), a blue light targeting specific wavelengths (2,500 lux), or blue-green lights (350 lux).

  • Place the light approximately 20 inches (50 cm) in front of your face with eyes open, but not staring directly into the light. Treatment sessions should be performed for least 30 minutes once or twice per day.

Dawn simulation is another technique that will normalize circadian rhythms. It utilizes timed lights in the bedroom that gradually increase in brightness over a designated time span, just as if the sun were rising.

Some believe that dawn simulation is superior in efficacy to bright light therapy because the body may be most responsive to signaling in the morning. Both light therapies can be utilized without any detrimental effects.

3. Earthing

Earthing is the simple act of walking barefoot to "ground" with the Earth and absorb negative electrons through the soles of your feet.

Earth is negatively charged to a much greater degree than the human body, so when you ground, you're absorbing electrons from it. These negatively charged electrons then help increase the structure of the water in your cells in the same way water structure increases when a negative charge is introduced with an electrode.

  • In studies using EEGs, subjects who were exposed to earthing showed an immediate average decrease of 467-fold in voltage and almost instantaneous changes in signals from the left hemisphere of the brain.
  • Measurable cortisol profiles, sleep dysfunction, pain, and stress were all reduced.

Overall, earthing balances the electrical parameters governing all physiological systems by connecting us to the earth’s magnetic field.

4. Sound Healing / Tuning Fork Therapy

Every atom, particle and molecule are constantly vibrating and therefore emit sound, much of which is out of human hearing range. And sound can elicit responses in our physical body based on its specific energy frequency.

This is known as sympathetic resonance - when one vibrating object influences another vibrating object causing changes in the vibratory rate of the second object. A good example is a singer causing glass to shatter.

Molecules are constructed in geometric shapes that fit together. Tuning forks, by matching the most vital of these natural ratios, are able to “entrain” the body’s vibration and return it to its optimum frequency.

Tuning forks emit sounds that are represented as pure sine waves, without any harmonics. They vibrate when they are struck against another object, and when the fork is placed against the body, the sound waves can pass through skin, organs, tissues, and bone and into cells.

If you want to take your health a step beyond just surviving, working outside conventional medical methods for improving your body’s function is relatively easy.

Some of the techniques described require a small investment while others can be implemented without cost. Whether you choose one or all of these methods, they’ll go a long way to improving your physical and mental well-being.

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