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Reduce Stress by Living in the Moment -
7 Steps to Greater Mindfulness

It's easy to be overwhelmed by stress in today's world. From the demands of work to the merciless onslaught of 24-hour media, it's getting more and more difficult to keep a healthy perspective.

But this is where mindfulness comes in. By focusing on the moment, you can give your overworked mind a little relief, and cope better with the stresses and strains of the day. Here are seven ways of bringing greater mindfulness into your daily life.

1) Disconnect from Tech

There's no doubting the usefulness of smartphones and other modern digital devices. However, with constant notifications demanding your attention, too much tech is an enemy of mindfulness. Taking a little device-free time for yourself each day is important - and even better if you can do this just before going to bed to help you sleep more easily.

2) Mini Meditation

Regular meditation sessions are a great way of relaxing and boosting the mindfulness habit, but not everyone has the time or desire to do this. But you can still benefit from the principle in a smaller way.

When things are getting a little frazzled, take a few minutes to focus your attention on an everyday object. Whether this is a flower or a coffee cup, let your mind settle on it and explore its form, and feel your worries disappear for a while.

3) Deep Breathing

Increase your meditative success by focusing on taking deep, slow, and steady breaths for a few minutes. This might sound a little cliched, but it roots you in the moment and is a genuinely useful way of driving stress down before it gets out of control.

4) Leave the Past Behind

This is often easier said than done, but try and stop thinking about the past. Constantly reliving previous errors or traumas makes it impossible to take simple joy in the present. When you feel your mind looking backward, try and bring it back to the moment by using the mini-meditation or deep breathing techniques just described.

5) Stop Worrying About the Future

And the same goes for overthinking the future. If you have fears that you can do something about, you're in control and should try and stop worrying. On the other hand, if there's nothing you can do, why make yourself anxious? Once again, when you feel your worries taking over, try and focus on the moment with meditation or breathing.

6) Mindful Eating

When you're eating or drinking, give it your full attention. Concentrate on the food or drink and not the TV or your smartphone. Taking pleasure in the simple things is the essence of mindfulness, and there are few more basic activities than eating.

7) Think of the Bigger Picture

Lastly, whether you believe in a higher power or you feel awe at the immensity of the universe, this world's problems are only part of a much bigger picture. The moment you're currently living through will never be repeated, so give it your full attention rather than being lost in distractions.

Today's world is increasingly stressful. While you might not be able to do much about the causes, the right mental approach can do a lot to reduce the effects. Making active efforts to be more mindful in daily life can bring you more peace and serenity, helping you deal with whatever life throws your way.

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