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The Vital Energy Centers: The 8 Major Aspects of the Human Energy Network

Energy medicine includes alternative treatments such as psychic healing, chakra healing, acupuncture and acupressure, light therapy, and various other treatments that dwell outside of conventional medical treatments.

But in recent years, these treatments have begun to be part of mainstream healing.

There are various interrelated energy systems that cannot be explained by scientific means, but the existence and frequencies of these systems are supported by electromagnetic measurements. Practitioners and researchers have experienced these measurable results and therefore now see value in them.

Proponents of this human energy system see the body as consisting of 8 major aspects, each with its own function and purpose, and which form the underlying network of living energy that is the underpinning of our physical bodily systems.

1. Chakras

These are vortexes that supply concentrated energy to organs. They are capable of vibrating with the frequencies of universal principles such as creativity, love, survival, and transcendence, providing we give them our intention.

2. Aura

The aura is a protective energy shield. It surrounds the physical body completely and filters out bad external energy.

3. Celtic Weave

The weave spins, spirals, twists, and curves in a pattern of energies. It can be seen as a kaleidoscope of colors and works to keep all the other energy systems functioning as a single unit.

4. Five Rhythms

The five rhythms are a complex set of pulses that leave imprints on all the other energy systems. They establish a person’s primary rhythm.

5. Triple Warmer

As adapted from Chinese medicine, this is an energy line that networks the energies of the immune system. Viewing the triple warmer through the lens of human energy systems, it is recognized as a mobilizer of the body’s energies in emergencies.

6. Radiant Circuits

The radiant circuits or eight extraordinary vessels are primary to the body’s system in terms of evolution. They operate like fluid fields and embody a distinct spontaneous intelligence.

7. Meridian System

This can be likened to the network of blood vessels that extend throughout our physical body, but they are an energy system, not a physical body system. They are capable of moving energy through the body to remove blockages, providing we give them the attention they need and by not remaining physically stagnant.

8. Basic Grid

The grid acts like an energy net that ‘holds up’ the other systems. It can be compared to the chassis of a car.

So how can you improve the function of all your energy systems?

To achieve optimal health and clarity of both mind and body, use the following techniques on a daily basis.

  1. Movement is one of the best ways to keep energy flowing. You can do this with conventional exercises, but the key is to open up the body using movements such as stretching, qigong, and gentle tai chi.
  2. Pressing key acupuncture points, breathing deeply, and visualizing energies is another excellent way to keep energy flowing.
  3. Tapping a set of 8 acupuncture points can ease stress, release trauma, and heal ailments. The points range from the center of the forehead through the face, neck, and upper torso to the sides of the hands.
  4. Tapping the three cinnabar fields (dantian or focal points) helps stabilize energy. Hold the breath while tapping, then release. You’ll be releasing stale or wayward qi, the traditional way of referring to past trauma, unwanted emotional baggage, and physical obstructions. Dantian are located at the center line of the body: 3 finger widths below the navel, at the heart level, and at the forehead between the eyebrows (third eye).
  5. Self-massage and/or massages that involve tapping energy channels on arms and legs, around eyes and ears, face, scalp, and abdomen will help to move energy.
  6. Explore the interrelatedness of affect and behavior—how you perceive and understand and how events influence your responses in terms of emotion and reaction.

    You will need to change any dysfunctional thinking, behavior, or emotional reactions you may have on a regular basis. Your thoughts and perception color your emotions, so start to adapt a more life-enhancing attitude.
  7. Meridian lines can be opened by placing warm hands at either end of a meridian and allowing the energies to flow.

The 8 major aspects of the human energy network protect and regulate organs and all physical systems such as immune, respiratory, lymphatic, reproductive, and neurological. Keeping energy flowing is considered essential to healing, long life, and the development and balance of the subtle energy body.

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