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Consciousness + Creation + Unity: The Magic of Awareness

If you can think about thinking and about who this person is who is doing all this thinking, you will find you are aware. You cannot empty your mind of all thoughts because awareness is not empty.

And it’s not passive.

Beyond what we can currently comprehend about space and time are all the answers to all the secret mysteries of life. And it’s there that only one process takes place.


Consciousness is what turns thoughts into things in our objective world, but our experience in this world is always subjective. So whatever we’re aware of becomes what we experience and vice versa.

What you create through your awareness becomes what you experience. If you’re passive in your thinking, you will still have experiences, but what you experience will not be of your making.

If your experience—what you see in the world, how you act or react, how people treat you, and so on—is not to your liking, understand that it’s a direct reflection of you and what you created or allowed someone to create for you because you were passive about your world.

If you’ve been passive, you’ve essentially been thwarting your life. This is the irony of the journey, that the universe acts whether you’re aware of it or not.

But even when you begin to realize that you are the producer of all that you experience, it can be difficult to turn the switch on when you want to.

You know more than you think you know.

There is a constant vigilance that must take place in order to ‘stay on top of’ your experiences and your awareness. Emotions and feelings come into play and these can often be difficult to control.

We all have a breaking point, triggers, and ‘buttons’ that can be pushed. So it’s not necessarily a matter of avoiding feeling something, it’s a matter of understanding why you have certain triggers.

What is the hidden meaning behind them? What underlies your sense of guilt, pain, sorrow, or anger?

Seek to understand rather than to change.

As you become more objectively aware, you may have a sudden sense that your actions are not being controlled by you. If you were living a gilded life, a life that was not authentically you, the world was using you for its own ends.

But when you improve your powers of observation and are able to be aware of each moment, you will sense that you are in the realm of creation.

Here is where you will find out who you truly are. You may discover your life’s purpose. You may discover you’ve just been ‘playing along’ for most of your adult life, and you may begin to experience a feeling of complete peacefulness; that all is well.

Your awareness of your own actions is part of a larger plan you can barely glimpse. But you must be willing to let go of your past habits of thought and subjective perception.

By giving up the struggle to change your life, you will experience things getting better because you will be more observant of how things happen. You will begin to understand how reactions often take you down a wrong path and how nonattachment brings you peace.

Stop being a stranger to yourself. Let yourself emerge and be the experiencer who understands that it is your awareness that makes things what they are. No one else will see the significance of what you experience, but it will lead to unity in all that you do.

There are four components to the ultimate unity you are trying to attain:

  1. Feeling – you must seek to unite with the heart of creation.
  2. Thinking – you must direct your thinking to all that is good and lovely.
  3. Action – you must apply nonattachment to your own actions.
  4. Being – you will then just be and allow unity to guide you.

The universe is neutral and acts like a mirror.

You can think of it as starting over. Everything else has failed you and now you have no choice but to start over. The reflection you’ve created in the world no longer serves you and you must now look inward, to the source of the creation.

The universe reflects back to you without judgment. The outer world has no power over you and merely gives back without distortion. It’s your own perception that distorts and judges. Every perception you have gives rise to a world that mirrors it.

So living this new truth that you will create is what will make it true. There is no need for stress or drama unless this is what you favor. Every divisive threatening action is a choice you make, and if you are conscious of these choices and make them favorable, you will attain unity.

Once you are in unity with all that is, you cannot harm anyone unless you wish to harm yourself.

Everything you can imagine you can achieve. Whatever it is that you seek is already inside you. You already are this person you want to be. Do not apply false assumptions about who you are or what you know. You cannot find something that is outside yourself.

Spiritual growth is spontaneous.

Often, you won’t know where you’re going but you will struggle to get there. But spiritual growth can only unfold as you become aware and are ready to receive it.

Don’t ever try to follow someone else’s map or blueprint for life. Their perception is very different from yours. What is significant to their growth may have no meaning for you.

Keep your mind free and experience teachings from all directions. Listen to those teaching which bring progress to your spiritual growth and allow yourself to remain open to changes you’re experiencing in yourself.

This is not about self-improvement. It’s about freeing yourself from the boundaries of your dogmatic ideas and fixed ways. These are limitations that you must be willing to give up.

There is no timetable for doing this either. Time is another limitation. But you must be disciplined and involved in order to keep your vision before you. You’re not waiting for a miracle. You are being proactive in your spiritual journey by reading, observing, listening, and gleaning from those sources who can teach you.

But do not idolize your teachers.

You are meant to be free and your own master. This is what awareness offers. Being your own master does not mean you are right in everything you say and do. That is ego. If ego is your master, you are not free.

Freedom is limitless. If you follow the flow of what brings you the most joy, you will have found a reliable guide into the future. In this way your desire and your purpose are linked. When you follow your heart’s desire, your purpose will reveal itself.

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