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Your Model of Reality: What Do You Believe?

Anyone who understands the Law of Attraction knows that the thoughts you create, sent out with intensity, are what create your reality.

Thoughts have energy, and thought waves influence others as well as draw energy to you. They attract circumstances, ‘coincidence’, ‘luck’, and people according to what you’re thinking—your most prominent repetitive thoughts.

Understanding how the universe works is the first step to moving your life in the direction of your choosing. The system of patterns you’ve been subconsciously subjected to will be the same system that moves you beyond your current world view.

All you need to do is shift your thinking.

Your past and what you believe about it has, up to now, dictated any future you’ve lived, and it will continue until you learn the basic Laws of Nature.

When you shift your thinking you’ll begin to view everything you ever knew differently. You’ll discover that there were many instances when you didn’t recognize the truth, and other moments that were witnessed completely out of context because you believed a certain way.

This is what influenced your perspective at that moment.

Your personal success lies in your own thinking. Consciousness should be continually changing according to each moment. It’s not meant to be static or to hold onto past experiences and negativity.

And because consciousness is fluid, it can all change. Actual past events will not change, but your perspective of them will and therefore so will your current reality.

Take a look at your past so you can get a better understanding of your current world view. What influenced you to believe the way you do?

Once you determine that, you’ll understand that what stands between you and your success is what you believe to be true about yourself and the world you live in.

  • You’ve become the notions you believe.
  • You’re a victim of your own internal dialog.
  • You have the capacity to attach importance to anything, and you can also remain detached from anything.

“Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” (Romans 12:2)

The Natural Laws are as ancient as man and have been paraphrased by many. They exemplify the concept of how thoughts and emotions make us what we are. What you think about and what you conceive in your mind reflects in your behavior.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of Biology of Belief and the Honeymoon Effect, says, “The first six years of a child’s life, the conscious part of the brain is not primarily functioning. A child is observing the environment just like a television camera, recording everything. The child observes and gauges the world through the parents’ responses, and uses them as a reference point.”

As we grow and have more social contact with other children, we gain more imprints.

If our early life was positive, constructive, and supportive, we’re able to interact in a confident way. If, up to that point, we had to constantly defend our toys from being broken by other siblings, another learned behavior, than we may find ourselves being possessive of our toys in preschool.

We won’t want to share because our experience has been that sharing causes damage to our stuff, and this imprint will follow us into adulthood.

What do you believe?

You must first acknowledge that you are a victim of your own thinking. You’re the recipient of whatever reality you’ve created. And you can make this model of reality into anything you want.

There are things on the surface that you believe, that influence you, such as you go to work every day and therefore must get out of bed, the weather will change and you must choose what to wear, you must eat therefore you must shop and cook. These things are accepted as being real.

Then there are things that you don’t realize you believe yet they still influence you and govern your thoughts.

Many of them are cultural and many of them have to do with your upbringing and your childhood, your parents’ beliefs and what you were exposed to that you don’t consciously remember.

One of the strange things about life is that people can often agree about something yet they will argue the finer points. Religion is a great example of this. Most major religions believe in One God, yet they argue and even go to war over how to access Him.

So you can see how belief has a great influence on behavior, acceptance, and interaction.

Your job now is to bend your reality.

The universe is a mirror of your own consciousness. It can only reflect back to you what you put out to it.

Some of the people in your life reflect certain aspects of you because you’ve attracted them to you and are attracted to them. You’ve put out certain energies which they’ve absorbed and vice versa.

Nothing is random. The universe will give you the best possible results based on what you believe to be true and the energy you supply to that.

The reality you live is always dependent upon the thoughts you create. Bending your reality—the experiences you attract—is as simple as focusing your intention, your most dominant thoughts, in the direction you want your life to go.

There’s no secret mystery. This is achievable by anyone who literally puts their mind to it. And there’s the rub. You must, without question, doubt, or hesitation, believe in the Laws of Nature.

Whatever it is you want to bend your reality to will happen because this is the way the Law works. Not just for you, but for everyone.

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