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Fear of Failure: Learning from Failure is Success

Failing is part of the game of life. Some people don’t ever want to fail, but how you react to failure and how you learn from your mistakes will determine your ability to be successful.

Your determination to succeed and keep moving forward will come from your belief that such a thing is possible.

You must be willing to fall, to fail, otherwise you will never take a chance on anything. You will never step outside the box, outside your comfort zone, because of your fear of failing.

How can you keep from becoming discouraged?

Everything you know, every action you take and every attempt you make is moving you forward. You may not see results immediately, but you are progressing by every experience you create for yourself.

  • How resilient are you willing to be? Is it enough to keep you moving in the right direction?

Everyone experiences pain, adversity and rejection, but how you process those experiences is not only determined by your world view, but will determine how you make decisions and how you create your world view.

Some failures can create new opportunities. They can be viewed as only temporary setbacks or they can completely change the path you were on, opening a new door that will fulfill your objective or show you something you had not thought of.

When failure hits, re-evaluate your part in the plan.

  • Don’t lean on the side of uncertainty and try to avoid difficult decisions. Indecision is always a decision. Take some time to choose and make a decision that will lead you closer to your vision.
  • Don’t limit the amount of effort you’re willing to put in to face the obstacles that appear in your path. Embrace each obstacle as an opportunity to discover something new that might help you.
  • Sometimes the obstacle can actually be the path you’re meant to take, but you won’t know that if you avoid obstacles altogether.

All too often, disappointment is an unrecognized Divine appointment.

A negative perception of failure in general only serves to make you give up on yourself. Your job is to simply show up for life, maintain your conviction, and find the best lesson from each experience.

Allow failure to be a great motivator to make you work harder. Your progress depends on it. Your determination to push forward or away from an unsatisfying past will automatically be the boost you need to get you through all the things that might appear to be obstacles.

  • Recognize that all the “bad things” that are happening to you – the missed promotion, the lackluster relationships, having no energy, being bored – are there trying to signal you to move your life in another direction.
  • Acknowledge the instruction and guidance the universe is trying to signal to you. Be receptive and open to hearing and receiving.
  • Admit the fact that you may have become stagnant. You are not listening to advice, searching out new opportunities or avenues for growth.
  • If you prefer to live with your dream, never actually taking the actions necessary to make it manifest, you cannot expect to become better at anything.
  • Life is about practice. What you do in practice is what your life will become.
  • Stay curious. Don’t worry and don’t accept labels such as loser, failure or dysfunctional.

In everything you do, try to gain a new awareness that can support your current goals. If something doesn’t pan out the way you expected it to, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What happened along the way that might have caused this result?
  • How can I improve on the process to get better results?
  • What is the most practical way I can change the plan to improve the process?
  • Where can I expand my knowledge base regarding this project or goal?
  • Life is about practice. What you do in practice is what your life will become.
  • Did I fail to do something that was required of me?
  • Can I spot any missing components that might have helped?
  • Can I look at this differently?

There is no law in the universe that says you must stay locked where you are, that you must continue to do things the same way all the time.

You are the one who determines what has worked for you. Change can be a bit scary, but staying where you are, if you’re not happy, is even worse.

Track a new path and allow doors to open for you by seeking out new resources.

Take a class or attend a seminar. Accept invitations, meditate to relax, clear your mind and improve your intuition, seek out experts, find a mentor, read a book on the subject of your interest, learn something new.

You are exactly where you need to be.

Every phase of your life, every action you take, and every experience you encounter are stepping stones to your ultimate understanding of yourself. At this moment, all the decisions you’ve made have led you here.

Something disastrous can bring insight and intuition so that you might see that missing piece of the puzzle that can turn your life around and bring you further along than you could have imagined.

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