The main program consists of three audio MP3 tracks. These audio tracks are created using brainwave-synchronization technology audio that speaks directly to your subconscious, to help you eliminate limiting beliefs.

The Unconscious Mind: Part 1: The Root of All Suffering

Our world is essentially decided for us at birth, when we are too small and helpless to ‘create’ our own world. In fact, up to the age of about six years, the conscious part of the brain is not fully functioning. The mind is merely recording everything. So your world, everything you observed as a child, was gauged primarily through your parents’ responses. This became your reference point. Your experiences and what you believed about them rooted in your unconscious mind. And even though much of what you experienced was perceived out of context or was not true for you, it has dictated any future you’ve lived because you believe this is the way life is.

This is your unconscious mind in action, always working behind the scenes.

But the journey you’re on is as fluid as thought itself, constantly changing from moment to moment. With everything we do, every dream, action and experience, every thought we think or choice we make, the brain reflects the new level of mind. So the only way to create your future is by transcending your thoughts and your old world views and creating new ones.

So how do you interrupt the pattern of a lifetime of unconscious thought?

The fastest way to learn is through focused meditation. This is where you will prime your brain and body so you can effectively replace old thought patterns with new ones and literally grow new neural connections. Initial changes will be temporary, so use repetition to incrementally increase the strength of new imprints. Your goal is to lose the illusion of your current self and create something new you want to identify with.

During meditation, the frontal lobe acts as a volume control. It doesn’t want to be distracted by extraneous stimuli, so it cools motor response and sensory circuits that process time and space, it dims the light entering the visual cortex and slows activity in your association centers. As your brain quiets, you lose track of external environmental influences and your forebrain begins to take control. This is what’s called getting into flow, into the zone.

When you quiet down thoughts that are merely reflective of everything you know, the one thought you make predominant in that moment, while you’re meditating, literally becomes the experience. Your brain then up scales its hardware and begins to create new neural pathways.

During meditation, you are able to get past the analytical mind. Without this process, you will never get new thoughts into the operating system where the change has to take place. When this alignment of mind and body occurs, you enter a state of being where you no longer need to identify with your outward ‘character’, the illusion of your former self.

You’ve physiologically wired your brain with this new thought and, assuming of course that this is an edifying thought, you’ve elevated your sense of self. The neurological and chemical activity in your brain and body changes so you can actually produce an affect in your environment rather than having the environment effect you.

When you “shift your thinking” this way, you’ll be able to change your world through the same system of patterns you’ve been unconsciously subjected to all your life.

You’ll view everything you ever knew differently and you’ll be able to distill everything you’ve ever lived into a new understanding of Creation, not as you’ve been taught in a religious sense, but as a literal manifestation of your own thoughts and intentions.

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