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Healing Your DNA: Part 1: Plugging into Your Power with Focus and Mindfulness

What we are, who we become, can be as fluid as water. What we are flows and changes with what we allow in and what we put out into the universe.

For thousands of years mankind has used ancient wisdom to create conscious healing. The secret to healing lies deep within what we believe, so what we become is a product of those beliefs.

The practice of integrating mind, body and soul is generally associated with the inexplicable, not part of the physical world, and therefore not part of the scientific experience. In fact, any aberration of the mind, even the imagination, frightens many people.

No one fully understands the powerful potential of the human brain. Most people ignore their instincts, their inner voice. They don’t use what is innately within them to grow the parameters of their thinking. But you can create a pivotal moment that leads to insight and self-healing, a crystal clear distillation of wisdom and intuitive understanding, something that brings new meaning to everything you’ve ever thought, read or heard about life, something generations of spiritual practitioners have known for thousands of years.

You can create the right conditions within yourself for healing to take place using internal and external stimuli to recreate the correct setting for your body to get “in tune”. These are powerful tools you were born with.

How Does DNA Become Damaged?

The relationship between DNA damage or mutation, disease, lifespan, aging, and cell senescence is the subject of much research, and biotechnology strategies currently under development in clinical trials is revealing that human stem cells can “heal broken bones, debilitating burns, blindness, deafness, heart damage, worn joints, nerve damage, the lost brain cells of Parkinson's disease, and a range of other conditions. Some of the less complex organs such as the bladder and trachea have been constructed from a patient’s cells.” (Stem Cells, Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering).

There is indeed intelligence within cells. But what about damage from natural wear and tear on the body?

Natural wear and daily use, in other words age, play a large part in damaging our DNA, which performs millions of functions each and every day, and retains the ability to repair damage throughout most of our lifetime. Over time, some mechanisms will fail. Small mutations or errors which occur may not affect us to any large degree. Other damage, such as a break in a strand, can take a lot to repair and is taxing on DNA. Because of the complexity of trying to fix this type of damage, mistakes may occur and this, some researchers believe, is what shortens our lifespan.

Telomeres are the portion of DNA at the end of a chromosome. Their function is to protect the protein encoding portion of the strand. Each time a cell divides, it passes its genetic information on to the two new cells and the telomere becomes shorter. When there is danger of the telomere becoming too short, one of three things happens: the cell will stop replicating, the cell will die, or the cell will continue to divide and become abnormal and therefore potentially dangerous.

Sending intended healing messages to our DNA and placing our focus on correct instructions untangles, in a sense, the complexity of repairing mutations and strengthens the overall cell so apoptosis (cell death) does not occur early. The number of cell divisions that takes place over a lifetime is slowed down, saving our telomere’s limited length.

In several studies in the field of regenerative medicine, researchers have shown that injured tissue can be restored by reactivating existing stem cells rather than transplanting new ones, proof that the body has the integral knowledge to heal itself.

Can the Body Really Heal Itself?

There are those who believe we never really forget anything and every single memory is embedded in our code. Current knowledge is pointing to the idea that the human DNA structure can be changed or reawakened to its full glory and potential, a potential which our modern civilization has ignored to the point that it no longer works for us. It lies dormant, leading to a sort of atrophy.

Not only can it be regenerated, just like all the other molecules in our bodies, but it holds the key to unlocking our ability to cure, heal, renew, reawaken, and reinvent everything about ourselves. In the same way our DNA has been left out of our current focus, we can use focus and mindfulness to bring it back to the center of our lives where it can continue to edify every physical aspect of our being.

Many of us are no longer capable of internally stimulating these changes without some type of retraining. We’re out of touch with our own ability to heal. But there are means of developing intuitive senses that will work to bring us back into the light of creation.

If you’re willing to unlock the secret to perfect healing, you will be able to transform your cells, literally causing them to change form.

The essential nature of man lies within his DNA.

Scientists, the very people who dismissed natural integrative self-healing as irrelevant several centuries ago, are beginning to understand the importance of this wisdom in terms of life extension and in seeing how our bodies work, how they can heal themselves and how they can literally change into more than many of us could ever have imagined.

If you trust science more than your own intuition, there’s mounting evidence that’s showing genetic sequencing is changeable, whether for the positive or negative. In the same way external inputs or mutant genes have turned bad, they can experience positive changes as well.

Peter Dariaev, PhD. is considered the father of wave-genetics. His team has shown that there are energetic aspects that enable genes to morph (morphogenesis). His studies have demonstrated “the positive effects of targeted energy in facilitating the healing of chromosomes damaged through exposure to radiation.”

Bringing your DNA to its full potential (potentiating) will bring about plenty of beneficial changes, including better sleep, posture, thinking, focus, skin, digestion, respiration and more.

You can repair your own genetic information. You have the potential to self-regulate what goes on within you. The physical processes that take place need not be subjected to modern medicine’s limited view of healing, but should be inspired by the primordial wisdom that has kept us going for thousands of years.

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